Get a NEW Electronic Guardian and Alert System for less!

Life is busy. Despite your best efforts, keeping a constant eye on your loved ones can be difficult. The Protecht Electric Guard and Alert System helps you keep track of your loved one, giving you peace of mind in knowing they are safe.

Set alerts for distance, temperature and even water. Have the ability to track your loved ones up to 150 feet. And receive panic alerts when assistance is needed.

Technology That Helps Save Lives.

The Protecht Electronic Guard and Alert System is a patented technology that alerts guardians to potential problems related to their loved ones wearing the locator tag. Unlike similar GPS or line-of-sight products, the Protecht Electronic Guard and Alert System will continue to work both indoors and outdoors. It can even track through closed doors or walls. Protecht offers greater functionality with no monthly service fee.

An Alert and Locator System for Children, Seniors, Pets and More.

The Protecht Electronic Guard and Alert System was originally designed to be an aid for parents when watching over their children in situations where extra caution may be needed (mall, grocery store, park, zoo, amusement park, camping, hiking, lake, pool, outdoor gatherings, etc.). Protecht can also be used for people with mental challenges, Autism or Alzheimer’s to be assured that they do not accidentally wander from their caretakers. The device can just as easily be used for pets.

One Kit Gets You Started. 

The Protecht Electric Guard and Alert System consists of 2 pieces, a master control unit which stays with the guardian and a locator tag attached to the loved one (child, seniors, pet) being monitored. The master control unit can monitor up to 9 multiple locator tags at one time. Additional locator tags can be purchased separately.